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Cecila Motter
Rating: 4/5

October 5th, 2022
Fraser's Plumbing Co
Hey you're awesome! Are you accepting volunteers? I have a TON of experience with local businesses and building websites. I've found the best way to get to know people is by volunteering so I would like to offer my time and give you a FREE Audit and Consultation. Call or text 718-673-9411. Looking forward to speaking with you and showing how I can help - David
David W
Rating: 4/5

October 4th, 2022
Ara Najarian Attorney Glendale Ara Najarian Attorney Glendale
Hey I really like your site but when I was browsing your page I noticed a few issues that I feel are seriously preventing you from getting a lot of online traffic. I have a TON of experience in maximizing online presence for firms like yours. I'd like to volunteer my time to show you exactly what I mean. Give me a call or text - 718-673-9411. All the best, David
David D
Rating: 1/5

September 29th, 2022
Kardashian Moses Downey Bail Bonds Kardashian Moses Downey Bail Bonds
Hey Moses, it’s been a lot of years, since I’ve seen you, but my son said he saw you in Parker, Az. E-Mail and let me know if/when your in Parker, I’ll run down for a visit, I’m in Havasu. Take care, Barry aka Motor 73
Barry Halterman
Rating: 3/5

July 20th, 2022
Farabela's Touch Glendale Farabela's Touch Glendale
Horrible experience do not bother wasting your money here
John Gevorkyan
Rating: 1/5

July 17th, 2022
American Wedding Center Glendale American Wedding Center Glendale
My name is Michael Riddell, I am having a surprise 20th wedding anniversary for my wife on November 19th 2022. Though the Said date is flexible and I wish to seek your professional touch in planning this party. I’ll be glad to hear from you if you can handle this for me, any other arrangements will definitely be discussed as we proceed. Do you accept check or credit card payments?
Michael Riddell
Rating: 3/5

July 7th, 2022
Urgent House Cleaning North Hollywood Urgent House Cleaning North Hollywood
Good afternoon, My name is Eric Brister and I am a professional copywriter and lead generation specialist. Could you tell me who handles decisions in the sales department and how I may connect with them? Thank you in advance, Eric Brister PHONE: 719-999-6104 EMAIL:
Eric Allsen
Rating: 1/5

July 5th, 2022
United Shipping Group Glendale United Shipping Group Glendale
We have sent a group of pkgs that was supposed to arrive in Armenia… over a YEAR later, the pkgs still have not arrived in Yerevan ! Please explain why this happens… not only did we pay for shipping…. We paid for the pkgs… we are very much out of pocket for this but more importantly, those who SHOULD have received the items (the poorest of poor) have not….
Rating: 1/5

February 17th, 2022
AABC TV Stations Glendale AABC TV Stations Glendale
The Best.
Jenia karampour
Rating: 5/5

September 7th, 2021
Dr Azad Boghikian MD Glendale
dr boghikian is the best doctor
lara shahoian
Rating: 5/5

August 3rd, 2021
ARTN, Armenian Television Stations Glendale ARTN, Armenian Television Stations Glendale
We're very happy to have ARTN.
Hovhannes Tigranyan
Rating: 5/5

February 26th, 2021
Mashdots College Armenian Schools Glendale Mashdots College Armenian Schools Glendale
Dear editor, I prepared a book called Learning Method for Western Armenian. This work is also the story of my journey of learning Armenian. I want to publish this book abroad. I wonder your thoughts on this matter. Would you like to publish this book?
Erdal Kılıç
Rating: 5/5

January 30th, 2021
Southwest Boot Company, Inc. Glendale Southwest Boot Company, Inc. Glendale
Horrible customer service for our first responders. Refusing to work on a refund/exchange for a brand new pair of boots.
Alyson Rodeheaver
Rating: 1/5

August 28th, 2020
Callforfix Appliance Repair Glendale Callforfix Appliance Repair Glendale
I have used this company for ten plus years and up to the last call, they were pretty good. The last call went poorly to say the least. The guy was very polite but blew off our first appointment. After calling him again (loyalty at work here) he came out and made what seemed like a reasonable repair. The repair ended up not working and now I can't get him out here to fix it. On top of that we wrote the check to something called MG appliance rather than Callforfix as we have in the past. Assuming it is no longer the company it once was and am now moving on.
John Giese
Rating: 1/5

January 12th, 2020
Credit Repair- Anna Danielyan Glendale Credit Repair- Anna Danielyan Glendale
We have a automatic software that automatically dispute and challenge your negative items and inquires with Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. We have a $0 enrollment. Yes, $0 FREE to start . We don’t charge our clients anything to get started. (1st 7 days are on the house). We are now offering these services to all 50 states for only $99 Monthly. To get started just sign up on the get started page and give us access to a credit report. Forget About other credit repair companies charge thousands $0 enrollment. Yes, $0 FREE to start . We don’t charge our clients anything to get started. (1st 7 days are on the house). Immediately start removing negative items now Qualify for loans and lower interest rates Get auto loans and mortgages approved Call 877-701-7307 Or Visit
Credit Monkey - $99 Monthly
Rating: 4/5

September 25th, 2019
Sis Tutoring Center Inc. Glendale Sis Tutoring Center Inc. Glendale
My son attended to Sis Tutoring Center for 4 years. I drove from West Hollywood to their location because they they helped my son a lot. He is a 10th grade now. He is already taking AP classes. He is taking Calculus Math. It was all because of Sis Tutoring Center.
manook H.
Rating: 5/5

May 5th, 2019
Suzy's Design Furniture Inc. Glendale Suzy's Design Furniture Inc. Glendale
Dear Sir or Madame You have been introduced us by Armenia/ IR Chamber of commerce as the distributor of Home furniture. We are manufacturer of TV stand under high quality. We sell our production to the all over of our region. We would ask you check your side and confirm if our production of TV stand would be interesting by your market. Hoe to have good news from you and to be succeed to establish logical business. Regards H.Moein
hamed Moein
Rating: 2/5

April 24th, 2019
Nobel Bakery Cakes & Pastries North Hollywood Nobel Bakery Cakes & Pastries North Hollywood
Do you deliver to Vons or Stater Bros. I liked the Walnut Nazook. Do you make Apricot Nazook.
Linda Tosto
Rating: 5/5

November 17th, 2018
Kavar Armenian & Mediterranean Los Angeles Kavar Armenian & Mediterranean Los Angeles
Are you looking to hire good experienced, skillful Web Designers, Web Developers, App Developers, PHP Developers and SEO Experts? is the best affordable solution for you. Min Hourly Rate: $7.00 Only! Email: Call: 1-844-736-7761
Manfred Infotech
Rating: 5/5

August 9th, 2018
One Dream Limousine Service North Hollywood One Dream Limousine Service North Hollywood
After the terrible experience I had with One Dream Limo services, It is hard to believe that anyone had a good experience and It makes me question the positive feedback here. I would advise you to save yourself a headache an avoid using One Dream Limo services. The driver was late, the limo was dirty, and the drinks hot with no ice. We paid for 4 hours, but because the limo was such a bad experience, we cut the trip short to just a bit over 2 hours. After complaining to Arthur about our bad experience, all he did was make excuses for himself and his driver.
Rating: 1/5

July 28th, 2018
Armenian Relief Center Glendale
This center is a very bad place to seek for help or even ask for help ,people sell drugs and will talk behind your back. It is a very negative
Rating: 1/5

July 8th, 2018
Art P.C Repair Computer Repair Glendale Art P.C Repair Computer Repair Glendale
Happy with service
Rating: 4/5

September 1st, 2017
Saint Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church of Pasadena Saint Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church of Pasadena
It is never open, the doors are always closed.
Nick yepremian
Rating: 1/5

April 8th, 2017
Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center Pinole Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center Pinole
I Have been seeing doctor Serebrakian for over 10 years. His staff Gigi and Heidi are very helpful and knowledgeable. Their services are reasonably priced. I totally recommend Dr. Serebrakian. He and his staff will go over their services and prices before they treat you.
G Perez
Rating: 5/5

February 22nd, 2017 Online Services Los Angeles Online Services Los Angeles
I can't talk English but I understand . I can talk Armenian and Russian languages .
Ani malkhasyan
Rating: 2/5

December 17th, 2016
Dr Vahan Madatovian MD Glendale
Worst "doctor" ever. Yelled at me for being there on their lunch hour and told me to get it in my head for next time to not go there on his lunch hour. There won't be a next time as I am never stepping foot in that office ever again. Very rude, arrogant, incompetent "doctor".
Rating: 1/5

March 11th, 2016
Prestige Auto Mart Glendale Prestige Auto Mart Glendale
excellent service from A-Z
Rating: 5/5

March 3rd, 2016
Selin Food Bazaar Glendale Selin Food Bazaar Glendale
I'm just entering Sell In And again I see Katrin What the matter And what's up Does she have some day that's off :-))
Rating: 2/5

January 27th, 2016
WestOnLetters North Hollywood WestOnLetters North Hollywood
Hi This is Harmik, Just let you know that I'm Computer Support Tech and Website Designer, Please contact me with any Computer Matter. Thanks 8185173820
Rating: 3/5

January 15th, 2016
Ross Limo
Ross is my guy for my LAX trips. Always on time and clean vehicle every time.
Rating: 5/5

December 12th, 2015
Century Auto Leasing & Sales Auto Brokers Glendale Century Auto Leasing & Sales Auto Brokers Glendale
don't even waist your time with any other brokers . these guys are the real deal.
Rating: 5/5

November 25th, 2015
Digitronix One
I have been using Digitronix One Since 2005 their staff are very very knowledgeable, this is the place that you can shop or get service with confidence.I am very satisfied and happy with this company I will recommend this people for anything involve with your office equipment and Network configuration needs.
Henry Hakopian
Rating: 5/5

May 27th, 2015
Ross Limo
Ross Limo is an outstanding company. Truly excellent service from a family-owned business.
Rating: 5/5

May 16th, 2015
Copy Donkey Inc. Copier Sales and Rentals Glendale Copy Donkey Inc. Copier Sales and Rentals Glendale
They sold me a Canon IRC 5185 it's a piece of junk do not trust this people.
Rating: 1/5

April 13th, 2015
Allen Sarafyan Studio City Allen Sarafyan Studio City
Allen's offered the best price on my auto insurance and homeowners. He was quick to respond to my request. Extremely convenient to work with. 5 STARS
Rating: 5/5

February 26th, 2015
Armenian Mesrobian School Pico Rivera Armenian Mesrobian School Pico Rivera
I am a proud parent of three Mesrobian students. Havning choices of schools for my kids is a great priviledge. Having chosen Mesrobian is a win for my family. Mesrobian offers the best quality education, safest environment, most well-rounded Armenian experience, and a loving family-like school at the most reasonable price. My kids have attended this wonderful school since their pre-school year and will continue until their graduation.
Berch Papikyan
Rating: 5/5

February 5th, 2015
Gevorkyan Family Child Care Granada Hills Gevorkyan Family Child Care Granada Hills
Gevorkyan Family Child Care Staff are very pleasant. I can not express how thankful I am for taking such good care of my daughter. She loves going there. The teachers are full of love and are very caring. I feel like I'm dropping her off at grandma's house, that's how safe and trustworthy they are.
Rating: 5/5

February 3rd, 2015
Precise Electric, LLC Sun Valley
great service, very knowledgeable, reasonable pricing, would do business again
Rating: 5/5

October 8th, 2014
Vanna K Bridal & Fashion Jewelry Los Angeles Vanna K Bridal & Fashion Jewelry Los Angeles
Vanna K your designs are awesome, gorgeous and sophisticated. Luv your designs
Susie Espinosa
Rating: 5/5

October 5th, 2014
Dr Karayan Sooren MD Orthopedic Surgeon
Dear Surgeon, I was operated once in 2008 at A. O. Clinic Karachi Pakistan. But again required surgery and this time Surgeon said total hip replacement required. I have attached my previous surgeon letter if you need can write directly to him for more information. Respected Surgeon I tell you that I cannot walk cause of pain I takes pain killer injection and tablets on daily bases. I need your favor to please review my case and give me appointment according to the medical requirement. I will be waiting for your favorable reply soon. Sincerely Tahira Anjum Flat No. 205, Block-7, County Garden, Gulzar-e-Hijri, Metrovil III, Karachi Pakistan.
Tahira Anjum
Rating: 5/5

September 6th, 2014
Palladio Banquet Hall Glendale Palladio Banquet Hall Glendale
Security is a bunch of overweight dumb ass, sucks.. valet is stupid. I would not even hold a dog's wedding party here..
Rating: 1/5

July 16th, 2014
Kabab Way Glendale Kabab Way Glendale
I got sick after eating a half cooked chicken kabab from this restaurant. I had blood in my stool and still suffering from stomach pain because of "campylobacter" from half cooked chicken. The chicken was not fresh and was grayish inside and wet. If you don't wish to have bacteria in your stomach or blood in your stool avoid this place. I wonder who gave this dirty resturant an "A"health grade!! I already told lots of people about this dirty restaurant and I am sure this dirty restaurant will lose lots of customers.
Rating: 1/5

June 27th, 2014
Royal Oak Banquet Hall North Hollywood Royal Oak Banquet Hall North Hollywood
I had a sweet 16 at Royal Oak and it was a wonderful experience. The venue and atmosphere was very comfortable and all my guests had a great time. The food was fresh and had all we asked for. A place I would recommend to others and will return for another memorable party!
Rating: 5/5

May 29th, 2014
Caprice Bridal Boutique Inc. Beverly Hills Caprice Bridal Boutique Inc. Beverly Hills
Is maro still. In bus. The place is close they don't. Retun. Call I paid for my gown and can't find maro
Rating: 1/5

May 14th, 2014
Dr Karayan Sooren MD Orthopedic Surgeon
The best surgeon ever, had my shoulder fractured in four places and the surgery results couldn't be better. Thank you so very much
Rating: 5/5

April 10th, 2014
Divine Food & Catering Los Angeles Divine Food & Catering Los Angeles
Best in Elegant and custom food choices. Best service and food comes from Devine.
Victor Saturi
Rating: 5/5

April 9th, 2014
Dr Albert Karamanoukian MD Glendale
Dear Albert, This is the new director of kindergarden N13, I would like to talk to you. Regards, Anahit
Anahit Stepanyan
Rating: 3/5

April 1st, 2014
Law Offices of Jora Malaky Pasadena
just wanted to thank you for the outcome of our situation, one of the best attorney we have worked with so far.
Albert Hovanes
Rating: 5/5

March 19th, 2014
Super King Market Van Nuys Super King Market Van Nuys
it is a neat and tidy shop and has a very efficient staff.
maria alvarado
Rating: 5/5

March 12th, 2014
Lawyers Title Company Burbank Lawyers Title Company Burbank
Mr. Alfred Aghajanian is a true professional in our real estate industry. very genuine honest and knowledgeable, i recommend his services.
alex Sak
Rating: 5/5

March 11th, 2014
Broadside Communications Glendale
stay away from this guy. unprofessional, cheater. he provided poor marketing leads for my business, and did not fulfill the leads he promised. Even tried to scam you after getting your credit card info...this guy is a thief! Makes all Armenian look like crooks!
Unhappy client
Rating: 1/5

March 9th, 2014
Master Tech Automotive Parts Glendale
knowledgeable people, great products, and great service.
martin balalian
Rating: 5/5

March 3rd, 2014
Master Tech Automotive Parts Glendale
you get best service from master tech automotive parts.The sales persons are very knowledgeable, I am very happy doing business with them.
Rafik Davtyan
Rating: 5/5

March 1st, 2014
Dr Ara Kadoyan MD Psychiatry Glendale
I'm not actually writing this review about Dr. Kadoyan as I wasn't even able to see the doctor. The reception staff is completely incompetent. I left work 2 hours early to be at this appointment but once I got there I was told that yes they do accept health net and MHN but not through covered california. I asked them why and told them I had missed out on 2 hours of pay for this appointment. I was told that this had happened before so the receptionist could see why I would be frustrated. I asked, "if this has happened before then why don't you ask new patients whether they are insured through covered california when they are making the appointment?" No answer. Absolutely ridiculous.
Rating: 2/5

February 27th, 2014
Dr Vladimir Grigoryants MD Plastic Surgery Dr Vladimir Grigoryants MD Plastic Surgery
My Favorate doctor Vladimir Grigoryants. I am very happy with everything he did for me
Rating: 5/5

February 21st, 2014

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